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Music and live arts 


Curated by Pablo Martínez and José Luis Villalobos

Tipus d'obra:
27 Oct. 10 Nov. 2017


Presentation of "The Maids"

2nd Han Nefkens Foundation-MACBA Award

Tipus d'obra:
27 Oct. 2017

Radio Web MACBA

Anar a Radio Web MACBA

Last Program — 18/09/2017

— RADIOACTIVITY #4 Elektronmusikstudion (EMS)


The complexity and broad spectrum of productions coming out of the Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), founded by Karl Birger in 1964, made it a hub for artists. But while the text-sound scene was in and out of the Sound Workshop, Knut Wiggen, the first director of the EMS, channelled his energy into the futuristic dream of creating a world-class computer music studio for experts and scholars.